Workshop news

I’ve been asked to teach some summertime workshops at the Textile Workshop  678 Mansfield Road Sherwood Nottingham. Its a really great venue which offers a variety of fantastic workshops. I can personally recommend the 6 week felting course with Karen Taylor.  It’s so good I’ve booked onto the next one.



Tuesday 4th- Wednesday 5th JUNE

Tuesday 1st-Wednesday 2nd JULY

Saturday 30th-Sunday 31st AUGUST

A 2 day workshop using a variety of stuff. Dominoes, glass slides, vintage ephemera, rubber stamps, alcohol inks, metal tape and a lot of fun make for a great workshop. Each student will take away a number of individual and unique wearable art pieces.


Tuesday 17th- Tuesday 24th JUNE

Saturday 30th-Sunday 31st AUGUST

A 2 day workshop making a variety of fabulous books. Throughout the 2 days each student will learn a variety of techniques to make very individual books. Paints, papers, inks and more will keep us busy.


Tuesday 26th– Wednesday 27th AUGUST

A 2 day workshop dedicating it’s self to Christmas card making. We will also be making a Card a Month gift book. Make it for yourself (we wont tell) or give it to a friend.


The cost for these fabulous and fun workshops is £46 for the 2days. That makes it only £23 a day. All materials and lunch is included. All workshops start at 9am and finish at 5pm.

For more information and to book your place call Karen or Susie on 0115 9603337.

I look forward to seeing you there.


Sneeky Peek 

(Sneeky Peek)


Monkey Forest

How many monkeys can you spot?

Monkey WorldMilly and Heather

Mothers day spent with my TWO favourite girls. We sent the day at Monkey forest. Heather and Milly had a great time making friends with the monkeys and each other.

So this week is the NEC, that lovely crazy 4 days of craft. My sister and i will be working together demonstrating on the craft central stand. Its a change from what im used to, but they do say a change is as good as a rest. Im very excited to be back in the thick of things creating and getting back on the saddle. Swing by and say hi if your passing itll be good to see some familiar faces.

Im now spending my days with a wonderful man who gets me for me and really doesnt want to change me. Jamie has made me believe in love again.  Im now part of a family and im putting down roots. Im not searching anymore for that elusive feeling of belonging. You can spend many years being part of a family and feeling alone. At last i feel apart of something special.

For everyone who knows me, everything that i said for so long that i didnt want is exactly what i want. Who would have thought 6 months ago youd find me cooking dinner, reading bedtime stories and doing the school run. But im the happiest ive been in years. Who knows what the future holds.

One of my best friends sent this message in a card and it just so true.

Dont let yesterday take up too much of today.

Look forward never look back, you never know whats around the corner. You have to love like its forever otherwise whats the point. A lifetime happens only once take everything as it comes and hold onto the little things because eventually they become the big things.

Im getting ready for CHA and with that comes alot of kit packing and perhaps a bit of stressing but hey its rubber stamping so its all good. Lots of things to be getting on with. Luckily CHA this year is in Feb so we have a little bit more time. I love the buzz of the show and meeting lots of creative people. I love my job and i love my life.

I think that 2008 is going to be the best year ever……

ta ta for now


Happy who me ?

So its october already, today has been a wonderful day the sun is shinning and as i walked around nottingham i realised that since May ive changed so much.

Im lighter, brighter and laugh everyday, what is making me so happy i hear you ask.

Well the love of good friends always makes people happy the kind of people who love you no matter what you do or say. Im one of the luckiest women alive my friends are everything to me.

And perhaps the wisper of a new relationship, the butterflies in the stomach, the giddyness of a phonecall or text message. I guess all these things are making me Claire Hampton very happy.

Or is the new job ive accepted…….yes ladies and gents you will see me in a craft central near to you very soon. Ive just got back from a very enjoyable weekend in Reading and Oxford, the latter was very hard as oxford holds alot of memories for me. But as always stamping and creating pulls you through.

There are plans for me to spend alot of time in sheffield and the oxford store over the comming months. Therell be demos and classes available ill post more when they are confirmed.

Blackpool is calling as well, but im only going there if i can get a kiss me quick hat.

Im busy getting things together for CHA in january and putting some classes together. These will go up on the Hampton art website and here as soon as they are confirmed. So lots to do, lots to occupy my time and as always lots to procrastinate over.

On a personal level lets just say…….OH YES moving on, getting on with laughing.

Tomorrow im off to meet my friends in starbucks (a regular thing these days) and catch up on the gossip. So a large americano and a fairy cake will be calling. Tomorrow evening ill be spending time with someone im growing very fond of, someone whos been making me laugh so much id forgotten it was possible.

till next time


For any of you that have actually been reading my blog youll be sure to have noticed that ive not blogged in ages and then a bit longer.

Lots of things have happened in my life recently and i am now adjusting to my new life and the new single me. Im adjusting to life of the microwave and doing whatever the hell i want when i want.

Its been a very difficult time lots of crying and leaning on my friends, without them i would still be on the sofa under my blanket feeling sorry for myself, instead of going out for coffee and getting on with my life. 

Lots of things on the horizon and im going to try and get this blogging thing done more often than once every 3 months. If only so theresa can have a different screen saver.

love light and the great stamping way is the only thing that has kept me going. I may not be part of a whole anymore but i do feel more whole than i have done in a very long time.


So you hear about the 4th July being a big deal but until you’ve been here, i Don’t think you can comprehend it. The banging goes on forever and ever. The sky lights up like a christmas tree. Stacie Kim Owen and myself went next door for a fireworks display. Sitting in comfy chairs with blankets and fancy icecream cake things we sat back and oooohhh and arrrrhed for about and hour.

For the best part of the day Stacie and i sorted kits out and checking that I had everything. Kim popped in and out she was supposed to be cleaning her mansion. As we all know distraction is a wonderful thing. Hows that cleaning of the house comming along Theresa?.

I’m off teaching classes over the weekend so wont be updating ill try and get it done on wednesday next week.

I just wanted to say thankyou to my Mum, Sister, Theresa, Jennie, Jackie, Debbey, Michelle,Terri and Chutney for getting me through the last few weeks.

To WES for being a legend.

I love you all .


Thanks to jennie i made it to the airport on time and feeling chipper about the up and comming adventure i was about to undertake.     Well after the saga of the last month I made it to Seattle after 26 hours of travelling door to door. As i came up from the shuttle there was Stacie waving like a maniac and it was at this point i thought thank god I got on the plane. We hugged for what seemed an eternity and i finally let go. What the people in the airport must have thought is beyond me.

We collected the bags and made our way to the car, laughing and chatting as if I’d  never been away.  We arrive at Stacies and the diet coke is chilled to perfection well its super hot over here. Even when its evening.   I fell into bed at around 11pm and for the first time in weeks i went straight to sleep.