Take a peek to your right and theres a list of the store tour of the US of A this summer. Is there a store near you? then contact them quick as PLACES ARE LIMITED !!

Store owners, i generally visit the US three times a year, and will also be in Australia in 2008. Contact http://www.hamptonart.com for a teaching request.


So its true the world is a cruel and horrible place. No wonder i like ot hide out in the world of ink, paper and stuff.

My heart belongs to debbey, for reasons that she knows. If theres anything i can do let me know.

So here as promised im updating my blog.

Ive just got back from Spending some quality time with sister and her very noisey boys. 4 boys is alot of noise in a confined space. Im sure they make noise in thier sleep. Well it feels like it anyway. But they are adorable and i love them.

I spent the rest of the time inhaling my sisters second hand smoke and teaching my eldest nephew and my sister to bookbind. For 10 years old my nephew is a crafting genius, well infact just a genius.

Today ive spent most of the day splashing paint around and getting some stuff finished off.  Tomorrow i am off to oxford for an art party. Saturday im going to be taking a stroll around oxford and taking in the sights.

Its amazing ive been with orlando for 13years (8 married years on the 15th) and visit oxford pretty regular but never go for a stroll around the place. I want o hit the junk shops and look for treasure.

They say that laughter is the best medicine. Well what about a mixture of laughter and art in the most gorgeous place on earth with people who just get you.

Well you really should head off to Artfest. I for sure will be booking my place for 2008.

My most excellant friend stacie agreed to put me up for the few days before artfest so i could get my head together after all the travelling. Stacies lives in a wonderful house with a nome home in the back yard for her sister who truly did just crack me the hell up. She makes the most amazing bird nests and tin fairys for your garden. Everyone should have one.

Stacies made sure i was well looked after when she went ot work and we had the most amazing time in the art room on the sunday with nanci drew, yes thats her real name. Ive read all her books and shes amazing. Love you nancixxx

The drive to artfest and port townsend was fun and the singing was even better, if i lie here would you lie with me and jsut forget the world? Whos that then i hear you scream, well work it out for yourself.

Now one of my new stamps states “once in a lifetime you meet someone who changes everything” and this is exactly what happened at artfest The most lovely gorgeous Jenna Colby. OH my god she truly is one talented lover of stuff go and check her web out soopajdelux.com. Prepare to be amazed.

laugh laugh laugh and laugh that was the very essence of artfest oh and getting some arty stuff done. I took 3 classes thursday with the great jenna colby, Friday with Traci Bautista and saturday with the great lynne perella and wow she really was great. For as long as i can remember Lynne has been an inspiration and she did not disappoint me.

Unfortunatly i had to come home and here i am now getting my life back in order and sifting through the mass of e-mails and other stuff i have to deal with.

Till the next time i blog ta ta for now extra bigsnogs to Stacie, Jenna and the fabulous nanci drewxxxxxxxx

Well isurvived Paris and the most excellant time. Accicam are doing a fabulous job for Hampton Art and really know how to look after you.

I arrived from England, ( after getting up at silly o clock, thankyou to my very very very very good friend Jennifer for driving me at 4am now thats friendship.) very tired but very excited. Charles picked me up at the airport and drove me to one of the shops that was hosting the event i was there to teach at. Very nice shop with lots of goodies.

Tim and crew arrived in lyon at around 3pm and off we went sight seeing and getting stuff done. I met the funniest woman i have ever met in my life. Yes even funnier than me. LUDEMILLER wow she never shuts up i laughed so much even when she spilt a whole jug of red wine down me.

Picture this, im in a french restaurant toilet with my pants in the sink trying to get the red wine out of my pants, and theres no lock on the door. Oh the life of a rubber stamper in france. Laugh i nearly split my sides. Ludipops as i have now taken to calling her really looked after me. Made sure i got my diet coke and got me out of bed in the morning.

Respect for the 3 flights of stairs she climbed to get me out of bed in her PJs. Love you ludipops.

The trade show went well and the samples as always walked away without you even seeing it.

Now im home and getting some samples ready for the fed ex man to collect tomorrow before i pack my bags and get myself off to Seattle for the Artfest retreat in port townsend.

When i get back ill upload pictures and really do a proper update.

Ta ta for now rubber lovers


Yes yes i know its been ages since i blogged and im sure your lives have not been the same.

Where have i been?, what have i been doing?  Lots of the usual stamping stamping and alittle bit more stamping.

1. Away with the fairies…… what can i say i was over whelmed by the talent in all three rooms.

All the tutors worked hard to make sure everyone had a great time. Thanks to everyone whos emailed and send cards to say thankyou. We really do enjoyed getting those.

Last weekend i was in glasgow have a blast with the fabulous scottish folks especially Kate and May or as they like to called pinky and perky. You two ladies crack me up. Dont change you make me laugh out loud.

Back to nottingham and getting ready for my trip to paris. Hopefully i,ll update while im away.

Ta ta for now  Cxx

Monday Morning….arrh

Well I’ve been back in the country for 5 days now and no longer had my feet touched down in Manchester, it was back on the English work horse. With stitches fast approaching, “Away with the Fairies” looming I had to get everything done.

After a couple of hours sleep it was back to the stamping room. I’ve missed you stamps, oh and the familiar chair with my comfy cushion from Debbey. Yes indeed

Today is my last day in the office and my last day in long island till July. How sad. Ive had the most wonderful time and been super busy. Now its time for home, im very excited to see orlando,ernestina and catch up with all my friends.

Im looking forward to sunday and just making stuff and laughing alot as we normally do.

So i packed my suitcase last night and i think it might need an army of men to pick it up, ill be paying excess for sure. Then kevin lindsey and myself out for sushi, it was very delicious apart from the really hot tuna roll that kevin ordered it nearly burned the roof of my mouth off. But like i tell Charlie chutney you have to try these things to be able to say you dont like them. I can now say i dont like tuna hot rolls.

Im sad to be leaving Kevin and lindsey as they have looked after me so well. A never ending supply of laughter and anyone who knows me, knows i love to laugh.

Kathy for being so fabulous, talented and glamourous 27/7 and Ron for making my chunkie chunk stamps and making sure we had great lunch at the office.

El presidente you rockxxx

Bob, what can you say about Bob, hes just Bob and really you cant ask for anything more than that he is truly outstanding.

Love you Bobxxxx

Well im going to finish off some projects, pack my pillow and see Michelle in the morning….in good old england.

I cant wait to sleep in my own bed.

See you tomorrowxxx