My New York Love

So yesterday i spent the day in the office getting all the stuff together for the british and french trade shows. Thats alot of stuff to get packed.

Around 4pm The lovely lindsey and myself get in the truck to go to the moon rose in huntington ny. The class started at 6.30 so we had plenty of time…………….until we got lost, not terribly lost just lost. We were happily following mapquest instructions then all of a sudden we are going in the wrong direction. I,m British i dont know where we are i was following mapquest.

We pull over and ask for directions, we wernt lost we’d just taken a detour. Eventually we get to Huntington park up and get all the class stuff out of the truck. My oh my i have never felt cold like it. I feared for my stamping as my hands were as cold as ice. They were burning it was so cold. In our wisdom we parked 3 blocks away………yes 3 blocks away in the freezing cold and when i say freezing i am not joking. I was freezing my buns off.

At last we make it the moon rose, the heat hit you like a warm cozy blanket, and there she was “Diana” happy smiley Diana ready with warm hands and big cuddle.

Diana made us instantly welcome as she does with all people who frequent her shop. She gave us a soup menu and runs off down the street to get it. A few slurps of soup and eveyone arrives for class. If you,ve ever done a class at Dianas you meet the most amazingly talented people all hanging out, stamping and generally there to have some fun and make stuff.

Diana has a fabulous shop full to the brim and bursting with great stamps and embellishments to the max. The samples in the cabinet and all around the walls are sure to get rid of anyones creative block. Anything from really cute love cards to art dolls and more. I never want to leave when i get in there.

As were getting ready to leave Diana, gives me a fabulous stamp of a fairy, a pair of great gloves with a furry trim and a valentines pen where the heart lights up. Thankyou Diana my hands were toasty warm on the way home.

Linsey and i arrived home around 11pm tired but we had the most fun. I ate my chicken wrap then just had to go to bed.

If your ever near Huntington New York you must must must go to the Moon Rose fabulous people, fabulous stamps, fabulous store.

I miss my Orlando and my little sausage Ernestinaxxxxxxxxx

Fly home tomorrow and im hoping michelle won’t forget about me.


If you are ever in New Yok city then the ink pad is the place to be. It has over 10,000 rubber stamps truly it was my idea of heaven. The ladies that took my classes were lots of fun and by the end of the day my sides were hurting from all the laughing we did together. Lots and lots of stamping occured inbetween the laughter.

All the ladies seemed to enjoy the rubber mallet wielding a little too much, although the people who were making a documentry down stairs were not the best part of pleased. 10 women bashing bottle caps is truly a sight tobehold.

Im looking forward already to going back to the ink pad and teaching again. A lovely bunch of stampers.

Today is a wonderful day as i get to spend it with the lovely lindsey. Who like my good friend theresa has designs on how her name should be spelt. Alas like theresa i shall spell it the way i feel it should be spelt. Oh the demands of the divas.

Having had a well deserved sleep in Kevin and i watched a nice romantic chick flick with wonderful commentry.

After a very large breakfast of the never ending waffles lyndey and myslef headed out INTO THE BIG BAD WORLD FOR A LITTLE RETAIL THERAPY. We shopped at micheals for 2 hours then met Kevin for a spot of lunch.

After lunch Kevin says we shall go to look at the puppies, this has left me somewhat traumatised and in need of puppy therapy. Oh my god the cutest little chocolate and vanilla sausage dog was just looking at us oh the cutest little sausage in the east. Oh i wanted him so bad.  Lynday and i nearly beat kevin into sausage dog ownership but he flet his friends would laugh at him (never I said) .

This afternoon lydsay and my good self will mostly be making felt ball jewelry and scrapping. I love america.

tooodly pips for nowxxxxx

So here i am back in Long Island New York, hanging out eating pizza, drinking diet coke and doing a little stamping. Who says life is all about the hard work. CHA was a blast with the make n take table full to bursting. How many people can you get round one table, well at hampton art around 40+. Thanks to all those people who stood in line and waited so long. You all embraced your art and really went for it. Some of you even embraced your wonkeyness and adventured out of your normal box.

My new stamp release was well recieved and lots of orders came in, so now i can stop holding my breath. (I was getting a little pink faced).

Im now looking forward to teaching classes this week and then getting home to Orlando and Ernestina who i miss very much.

Ta Ta for nowxxxx

Hanging Tin Project

tin make n take 002

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Once you’ve eaten all the little sweets what better use for the tin that till fill it with ART !! Ive used a bit of stamping and some cool little artifacts. And so it doesnt get lost a lovely ribbon to hang it from.

Swing by the Hampton Art booth and make this little beauty with me.

CHA Fever !!

Things are hotting up for CHA, Anaheim 2007. You will be able to find me running a make and take on the Hampton Art stand. As well as an exciting new range called “Claire Hampton” we will also be demonstrating new Doodlebug stamps by Hampton Art. Be sure to check out my own section in their catalogue and on their website. Flights booked for next Friday !

little sausage and me tin

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this is me drinking champagne with Michele Charles in Fortnum and Mason, London. The project is now in the safe at Hampton Art HQ, awaiting world release